Famous for its fairytale-like architecture, thermal baths that could cure a two-day hangover and its ability to turn a bowl of meat and vegetables into a cultural delicacy, Budapest is a city we can’t ignore. Hugging the River Danube in the north of Hungry this capital has a lot to offer. Whether you’re here with friends searching for hipster pop-up bars or you’re enjoying a family break and hoping to kill five hours at Miniversum (a toy model museum that you could easily devote your entire trip to) you won’t be disappointed.

Where in the world:

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and sits to the north of the country just 30 miles south of the Slovakian border.


 Best Time to go:

To avoid the tourist crowds, and a searing hot summer, the best time to visit the capital is from March to May and September to November. The summer months’ reach temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius which is great fun when you’re beachside with a beer in hand, but in a bustling city, we’d suggest you avoid this time of year.

Fun Fact: 

It’s actually hot here. That’s right, you heard us. In the summer months temperatures sore to the high 20’s. The cities mass amount of thermal springs also adds to the heat as thermal water rises to the surface daily.


  Don’t miss out on:

  1. Art = The city is home to over 40 theatres and more than a 100 museums, so culture vultures better hold on to their hats.
  2.  Hot Springs = There’s an abundance of Roman Bathhouses to visit around the city, and nothing warms you more on a hot day than a public bath with a bunch of local Hungarians. Trust us. 
  3. Architecture = Baroque architecture, neoclassical brickwork and art nouveau buildings can be found on every corner. Art historians and budding architects alike will delight.


Useful Information:

o    Language = Hungarian

o    Currency = Hungarian Forint (HUF), though Euros are accepted at several places.

o    How to get around = The Metro is the quickest and cheapest form of transport around the city. You can also get a 72-hour travel pass to use on buses trams and trains for approx. £11.

o    Average Flight Time from UK = 2 hrs

o    Country Dial Code = +36


Two to Do:

 Goulash = No trip to Hungary is complete without a hearty bowl, or seven, of goulash. This homemade stew is akin to your grandma’s cooking, and the root vegetables and stewed meats will warm your hearts on the coldest of days.

Parliament = A visit to Budapest’s houses of parliament is an absolute must while in the city. We’re not asking you to head inside and unleash your 21st-century politics; we’re just asking that you come and gawp at the third largest parliament building in the world. That’s right, the WORLD.